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Papaya cultivation presentation

Kindly please go through the Presentation Papaya cultivation Agrimaa PDF to know the know-how of Growing Papaya.

Below are some of Cultivation tips

Nursery :

  • If you have big quantity of seeds, kindly soak the seeds overnight with Progibb (Gibrellic acid solution) for 100% germination – .25 gm / ltr
  • Red soil, Manure, Vermi compost and regular soul – Mix all of them and make a Mixture and Fill in Plastic Polythene Bags
  • Sow the seeds in the bag (Not very deep than 1 cm) fill with cocopeat
  • Cover all the Bags with Plastic / Tarpaulin (Provide heat / moisture). If too much, drying please put little water
  • Seedling will be ready around 40 days for Transplant.
  • Germination will take minimum 10-15 Days

Transplant in Field :

  • Dig a pit of 1 feet deep and fill with Red soil, Manure, Neem cake, Vermi compost very well.
  • Transplant in the field with not very deep.
  • Provide Natural Dung (Organic farming) especially Sheep dung for bette results.
  • Soil should not be wet always, keep regular irrigation and weeding.

Please Note below Points :

  • There should be very good water management system and water should never be stagnant. Papaya crop needs very less / moderate water
  • Use of Cowdung and Sheepdung is the best advise to manage Papaya crop

Please Note: Papaya is a very tricky/sensitive crop and therefore proper effective care has to be taken, failure to it can be serious damage to the crop (Ringspot Virus, Flower Droppage, Low yield etc..) for which company shall not be responsible.

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